Creating Peel-Off Stacks at Port for SMBs

As terminal congestion at ports and long trucker turn times continue to plague supply chains, shippers are looking for more efficient ways to get their product out and into their distribution network. One solution is to create so-called “peel-off stacks” where a minimum of 50 containers can be set in a designated location so truckers can just grab them off the top and go, instead of waiting hours for them to be unburied from the sprawling site.

This works great if you’re a mega retailer like Walmart and it’s easy to create peel-off stacks, but less so if you’re an SMB with much lower volume. But now there’s a way for smaller players to consolidate shipping volume at port to create peel-off stacks and move freight out quicker. Bryn Heimbeck, President and Co-Founder of Trade Tech, talks about a pilot project begun this week at the busy port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.