Instacart and the Great Facebook Talent Raid

In July, grocery delivery leader Instacart announced Fidji Simo, a Facebook veteran who ran its main app and helped introduce video and livestreaming, is taking over as CEO of Instacart, succeeding founder Apoorva Mehta. Then in August, the company named Carolyn Everson, a former VP at Facebook, as its new president.

Simo and Mehta joined other Instacart senior execs hired away from the social media giant, including Asha Sharma, VP of product and engineering who is Instacart’s new COO. All of which raises a key question: What’s behind Instacart’s drive to fill its cart with top Facebook talent? Is it all about extracting greater business value from customer data, i.e., bulking up ad revenue as growth of its core service slows? In this latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, we discuss these interesting moves with Orlee Tal, CEO of