MCM Top 3PLs 2023: Be Listed and Be Seen

MCM Top 3PL banner 2023 feature

With fulfillment, shipping and delivery being even more critical assets given increased demand and heightened customer expectations — take note: the pandemic grace period is over — a growing number of retail and ecommerce companies find themselves in critical need of outside help. As a 3PL provider, that’s where you come in.

And Multichannel Merchant’s Top 3PL program, now in its eighth year, is the perfect venue to showcase your particular strengths, capabilities and service focus throughout 2023.

We’ve opened up the submission period for our Top 3PL directory. It’s your chance to show off your chops and differentiators to more than 74,000 Multichannel Merchant monthly readers in ecommerce and retail. The directory is the industry’s go-to resource for this rapidly evolving market, so don’t miss your opportunity to ensure your organization is properly represented.

What are your key offerings? What product categories do you specialize in? Are you more focused on B2C or B2B? What kind of order volume do you handle? What is the reach of your network? In short, how are you helping customers succeed?

You can view our current 2022 Top 3PL page here to get a better idea of the types of information that are highlighted in the provider profiles. The basic listing is free, with opportunities to purchase enhanced packages and increase your visibility.

Download the submission form here; the deadline to complete it is Friday, Nov. 4, 2022. Fill it out, send it back and be recognized as a leading 3PL player!