Pitney Bowes Combines Scale, Label Printer for SMBs

Parcel consolidation and ecommerce firm Pitney Bowes has developed an innovative device designed for smaller merchants that can be used to both print shipping labels and weigh packages, as well as process orders from marketplaces and platforms using companion software.

The PitneyShip Cube lets users compare discounted shipping rates, print labels and U.S. Postal Service First Class stamps and track packages, by connecting it to either their mobile phone or computer. They can send email tracking notifications automatically to recipients, including proof of delivery, and link Amazon, eBay and Shopify stores to automatically import customer orders.

Jason Dies, Executive Vice President and President of Sending Technology Solutions at Pitney Bowes, said the shipping process for smaller ecommerce sellers is often inefficient, requiring multiple pieces of equipment such as computers, printers, and scales. Often, they have to rip or cut labels to fit onto packages.

“PitneyShip Cube removes the need for extra equipment or clumsy processes,” Dies said. “The built-in scale and mobile app let them import orders, weigh packages and print shipping labels from their phone. And the auto-cutter feature eliminates torn labels and jams that would slow down a shipper.”

He said the device was designed by Pitney Bowes’s innovation team, which worked with prospects to come up with a solution geared toward ecommerce sellers through multiple rounds of concept, alpha and beta testing. It’s manufactured by a partner firm.

The target market for the PitneyShip Cube is smaller ecommerce sellers working out of their home or office who need a way to quickly process and ship orders. It can also be used by SMB companies looking to simplify their shipping workflow.

“It’s astonishing how the PitneyShip Cube gets it right every single time,” said Stephen Nolfi, president of The Threshold Group in Cherry Hill, NJ, which services and installs smart home equipment and sells on eBay. “The guesswork is gone and my business has never run so smoothly.”