Training Agents to Reflect the Brand at Vermont Country Store

At Vermont Country Store, agent training goes beyond the standard product knowledge to ensuring that reps see themselves as brand ambassadors, and treat each person they interact with like they were family.

In this video interview, Kara Soulia, director of operations, and Melissa Lackney, operations training and development coordinator for Vermont Country Store, talk about the training component of creating “agents as shopkeepers.” It includes instilling in every rep a passion for the brand and its products, and using active listening techniques to help create a solution-based selling approach.

You can also see Kara and Melissa talk more in depth on the subject at Operations Summit 2016, April 12-14 at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati. They’ll be joined there by 100+ speakers, including many major brands, on a range of informative topics covering customer care, omnichannel, shipping/distribution, warehousing and more. Join us there for a great event and gain insights that can help you improve your DTC operations and fulfillment.


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