UPS Opens $100M Sortation and Delivery Hub Outside Paris

UPS has opened a new 323,000-square-foot high-tech package sorting and delivery hub outside Paris, part of an ongoing $2 billion investment in European facilities to expand its network capacity there and facilitate cross-border trade.

“This $100 million advanced technology facility spans four soccer fields and is the single biggest investment UPS has ever made in France,” said Nando Cesarone, president of UPS International in a statement. “With modernization and growth initiatives like this new Paris hub, UPS is helping businesses in Europe – small and large – connect with customers faster and with greater efficiency.”

The building is equipped with automated sorting equipment and can handle up to 37,000 packages per hour, more than twice the capacity of the two facilities near Paris it is replacing.

UPS’s $2 billion capital plan aims to modernize and expand its network across Europe. In France in particular, it has invested in new hubs in Lyon and Montpellier, a new facility in Dijon and a combined package center and French headquarters in Paris since 2015. Three years ago, UPS added new logistics facilities in Germany and The Netherlands totaling 220,000 square feet.

The company has been servicing France for over 30 years, where it has 56 facilities and a fleet of more than 800 delivery vehicles, including operations at six airports.