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FTC: Amazon Duped Consumers into Prime, Then Made It Hard to Leave

| Mike O'Brien

The Federal Trade Commission has filed suit against Amazon, alleging it duped millions of consumers into signing up for its Prime subscription program, then made it difficult for them to quit, an allegation the company vigorously denies. The FTC claims Amazon intentionally complicated the cancellation process, adding it “slowed or rejected changes that would’ve made it easier …”

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Amazon Cutting 9,000 More Jobs; iRobot Facing Opposition

| Mike O'Brien

More bad Amazon news: 9,000 additional layoffs are planned on top of 18,000 previously announced, and there are efforts to block the $1.7 billion iRobot acquisition here and in the EU. On the plus side, the FTC reportedly won’t block Amazon’s purchase of One Medical, but reportedly not for lack of evidence of anticompetitive behavior.

How Voice Assistants Can Protect Phone-Based Commerce

| Ben Rafferty

Voice-powered assistants are changing the face of commerce, with as many as 60% of consumers looking to use a home voice assistant to make purchases with just a few simple words. Here is how voice assistants can protect phone-based commerce.

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Study Finds Affluent Shoppers Prefer Discount Retailers

| Daniela Forte

Affluent consumers are becoming more price sensitive when it comes to embracing industry disruptors like artificial intelligence, Amazon and mobile technology to compare prices. See what is driving this trend and what it means for both discount and full-priced retailers.