Pay-to-Play: Google’s Free Ride is Over

| Tim Parry

Google Product Listings is being phased out in favor of Google Product Search, a commercial shopping portal built on its Product Listing Ads platform. Here’s a look at what you need to do to get your site ready for the October 1st transition.

4 Tips for Effective Multichannel Selling

| Stephen Bulger

Selling products or services through multiple channels – whether it includes web, in-store, phone, affiliate, or catalog – can be highly lucrative for merchants. It can also cause a lot of headaches, and if not managed properly, can lead to inefficiencies, angry customers, and even lost revenue.

Here are four tips for effective multichannel selling.

Google Executive Shares Secret Behind Google Shopping

| MCM staff

Why is Google phasing out Google Product Listings in favor of the pay-to-play Google Shopping? Jon Venverloh, senior manager of product partnerships at Google, explains why in this video posted to YouTube by Mercent. Venverloh, who begins speaking at the 4:17 mark, says customers will benefit because retailers will have to focus closer on the quality of data they serve up to Google.