Stephen Bulger

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Steve Bulger is the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at eFulfillment Service, one of the nation’s leading order fulfillment providers. Steve has worked closely with a gamut of brands to improve their ecommerce operations, and has written for several publications including Multichannel Merchant, Practical Ecommerce, Web Marketing Today and PC Magazine. Steve has a special interest in problem-solving and believes a key to any successful organization starts with effective communication.

5 Ways to Cut Your Order Fulfillment Costs

| Stephen Bulger

It’s no secret that online shoppers are looking for low-priced items, free shipping or free returns. As a result, merchants are looking for ways to keep costs low while fulfilling orders in ways that don’t break the bank. To help solve the dilemma, here are five simple ways to cut fulfillment costs that don’t involve big hardware or software investments.

6 Tips for Cutting Ecommerce Shipping Costs

| Stephen Bulger

With increasing consumer expectations for free or reduced shipping, combined with the ever-growing expenses involved with residential parcel delivery, online merchants are being forced to find new ways to cut costs to maintain reasonable profits. Here are 6 tips to help you cut your shipping costs.

4 Tips for Effective Multichannel Selling

| Stephen Bulger

Selling products or services through multiple channels – whether it includes web, in-store, phone, affiliate, or catalog – can be highly lucrative for merchants. It can also cause a lot of headaches, and if not managed properly, can lead to inefficiencies, angry customers, and even lost revenue.

Here are four tips for effective multichannel selling.