Most Online Holiday Promos Will Start by Halloween

| Jim Tierney

Nearly 62% of online merchants will start their holiday promotions by Halloween, up from nearly 53% last year, according to’s eHoliday survey conducted by BIGinsight. Many of those promotions will center on free shipping and online offers. This article also looks at holiday surveys conducted by Bronto and Litle & Co.

Holiday Tip: Get Going with Google Shopping

| MCM staff

Another tip for the holidays? How about a tip for right now! Zach Morrison, vice president and director of SEM at Elite SEM, says you better be working on Google Shopping before it’s too late!

How Google Shopping will Disrupt Online Retail

| MCM staff

Soon, retailers’ free ride on Google will be over, and they will have to adapt to the change to Google Shopping. So what should online merchants be aware of to acclimate themselves with the new Google Shopping?

Will Google Shopping Cannibalize Marketplace Sales?

| MCM staff

Eoin Comerford is worried that Google Shopping could cannibalize his sales on the Amazon Marketplace channel. And, for that matter, that the items he’s selling via Amazon will rank higher in Google Shopping than items he’s selling at