Video Tips: Preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season

| Kelly Ford

While marketers have been preparing for the holidays since July, consumers generally begin shopping in November, so there is still a small window to enhance holiday marketing initiatives. The most engaging and effective media for doing so is video. Here are five tips for smarter use of video to make the most of this holiday season.

Giving Your Products a 360-Degree View

| MCM staff

The more views of your products you can give your prospect on your Website, the better the chance of converting a customer. Here’s a look at Ortery Technologies’ portable photo studio, which can be used to easily produce a 360-degree view of your products.

Video: Why Personalized Product Recommendations Matter

| MCM staff

A personalized product recommendation on an e-commerce site can be like that candy bar rack at a checkout aisle. If the product is there, and it piques the buyer’s interest, then the items per transaction may grow. Here’s Chip Overstreet, vice president/marketing of MyBuys, demonstrating the use of personalized product recommendations on the Wine Enthusiast e-commerce site.