How to Close the Deal in the Shopping Cart

As a customer finds her way through the purchase journey to website checkout, it’s the moment of truth where you either close the deal or log another cart abandonment. This make-or-break instant points up the critical need to create a frictionless experience for every customer, every time.

Each year, online retailers leave millions of dollars on the table due to cart abandonment. But they needn’t look on this as the end of the road. Instead they should pour their resources into ensuring that the cart and its basket of items aren’t forgotten and the relationship is kept alive.

In this report by Multichannel Merchant you’ll learn:

  • MCM Special ReportHow Macy’s brought mobile checkout to bricks and mortar
  • How to cut down on cart abandonment
  • How to make your shopping cart more user friendly
  • How is enhancing its mobile shopping experience

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