Customer Experience Remains Top Priority for Retailers

Content Manager

Some of the top ecommerce initiatives retailers are tackling in the second quarter are centered on the customer experience.  There are big shifts in priority for replatforming and a de-emphasis on the mobile site.

In a study by SLI Systems, it was found that replatforming climbed up to second place in the second quarter with 17% from a three-way tie for fourth place at 11% in the first quarter.

This means that retailers tackled the move to a new ecommerce platform between April and June to ensure their systems were ready for the holiday season.

A focus on mobile sites fell to eighth place in the second quarter from third place.  In the first quarter, the focus on mobile sites was six times that of mobile apps.  However, in the second quarter, only 5% of retailers surveyed chose mobile site as their top initiative compared to 12% in the first quarter, while 4% are most focused on delivery or improvement of a mobile app double that in the first quarter.

Added to this list of important initiatives are content marketing/blog (9%), social media (6%) and video/YouTube (3%), which garnered the top second quarter priority selection from respondents.

In the second quarter, security, conversational commerce and virtual reality/artificial reality proved to be lower priorities maintaining the bottom three spots on the list.

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