Google Express’ Ivan Tchakaraov on the Future of Conversational Commerce

With the increasing penetration of intelligent assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, consumers are getting more comfortable with conversational commerce, integrating “speak it and get it” into their everyday lives.

Apparently, it wasn’t easy enough to speak into our phones or search on them for these types of things; now we can talk to our assistant in the kitchen or living room, and our wish is immediately its command. How, we wonder, did we ever do without it?

So where is intelligent assistant-powered, conversational commerce headed? Ivan Tchakarov, director of operations for Google Express, spoke with Multichannel Merchant after his Ecommerce Operations Summit keynote address about early adoption and variance among use cases, such as apparel vs. everyday items. He also spoke of the potential of AI to eventually create the “zero-click cart” that suggests purchases based on our habits and usage.

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