Google’s Shopping Actions Ties Together Ecommerce Across Platforms

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Google’s new Shopping Actions lets consumers order products across all of its platforms including voice assistant, YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail.

It has partnered with major retailers like Ulta Beauty, Target and Walmart by allowing them to list their products across Google search through the Google Express shopping service.

“The consumer is much more demanding,” said Daniel Alegre, President of Retail and Shopping Global at Google at ShopTalk. “In their minds they expect Google to understand the question really well and know so much more.”

Google Shopping Actions features a universal shopping cart and instant checkout with saved payment credentials across and Google Assistant. It enables one-click re-ordering, personalized recommendations and basket-building based on a customer’s purchase history and loyalty.

“It integrates everything from search to payment to give an exceptional omnichannel experience using data and machine learning,” said Alegre.

Alegre said Google knows consumers wants immediacy and is in the business of making retailers successful, drawing on its powerful algorithms, wealth of data and machine learning.

He said the intent is to increase loyalty, turning one-time shoppers into repeat customers. Shopping Actions uses a pay-per-sale model where retailers only pay for actual transactions. It appears within a sponsored shopping unit on the Google search page and on

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