Bass Pro Shops Personalizes the Catalog Experience

The days of large, general interest retail catalogs are gone, replaced by highly personalized pieces of varying lengths and levels of complexity, each targeted to meet the needs of a very specific audience. If the marketing effort involves hundreds of thousands of individual SKUs, the level of difficulty goes to 11.

Missouri-based outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops has addressed this marketing challenge head-on. With the help of partner Comosoft, Bass Pro has automated the process of accessing, managing and plugging in creative assets in real time across its print catalogs, tabs and inserts. In the process Bass Pro has transformed a traditionally mass-market channel into a one-to-one connection with its millions of customers.

In this report you will learn:

  • MCM Comsoft Special ReportHow Bass Pro has automated the regional versioning of its tabloid inserts
  • How it manages complex PIM data and digital assets across channels
  • How continuous versioning and real-time changes are handled by creative teams
  • How Bass Pro creates a personal experience in a typically impersonal medium

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