JamesAllen.com Seeing Success with Video Marketing

Online diamond bridal jewelry retailer JamesAllen.com, which has been seeing great success using video to market its products on social sites like Facebook and Instagram, said merchants need to adapt the content to the audience based on where they are consuming information and what they want to see.

“It’s all for naught unless you choreograph the placement of your videos appropriately, and make sure you’re clear on who is going to see it and where,” said Johanna Tzur, CMO of JamesAllen.com. “From there you create video that’s primarily suited to the channel where it’s being viewed and the viewer’s mindset. If you just try to create what seems like an interesting piece of content in a silo without understanding where it’s viewed and by whom, the content is compromised.”

For instance, the video content will be different when remarketing to someone familiar with your site and your brand, vs. a new visitor, Tzur said.

“If you’re remarketing, you don’t have to spend as much time introducing yourself,” she said. “If someone was viewing something else in YouTube and is actually being interrupted in their journey, you need to deliver the message in the first five seconds without aggravating them. These considerations are important when creating video content. You need to be focused on the consumer and their mindset.”

Tzur said JamesAllen.com began using video in its marketing and promotions in 2015 and began ramping it up last year based on positive early results. The company also has its entire product collection captured in high-definition videos with 360-degree views, a key differentiator from competitors who only recently have introduced videos on limited product ranges.

JamesAllen.com video ads on Facebook drive nearly double the traffic of carousel ads, with a click-through rate that’s 285% higher, Tzur said. In addition, website visitors who come from the company’s video ads are 15% more likely to visit multiple pages.

“There’s also a 20% greater likelihood of a purchase from our Facebook video ads vs. carousel ads,” Tzur said. “It’s also important from an SEO perspective to have more video behind our brand to help us rank as highly as possible for organic searches. Today we’re seeing Google’s algorithms ranking video higher in online search than ever, with 62% of its searches including video. So it’s delivering great relevance and branding for SEO as well.”

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