Uncommon Goods Steps Up Its SMS Marketing Game

2020 was a record year in ecommerce, and many retailers are now looking to keep the momentum going. Increasingly, many are turning to text messaging as a traffic and conversion driver. Recent studies have found consumers are almost twice as likely to prefer texts over any other form of communication, including email.

Uncommon Goods has been doubling down on SMS and personalization efforts in order to reach its customers with the right offer at the right time. Since the pandemic started, the popular marketplace for crafters and makers has seen a good bit of growth, and SMS has been a key channel in its digital strategy.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Uncommon Goods has been tested automated SMS campaigns, including for retargeting. Brian Hashemi, head of marketing and analytics for Uncommon Goods, talks about how the company is testing and learning with its SMS/email mix and working to increase personalization.