Amazon Reportedly Merging Amazon Fresh and Prime Now

As it continues to integrate its Whole Foods acquisition and deal with pullback in Amazon Fresh, Amazon is looking to consolidate that service with its Prime Now same-day delivery offering, Yahoo News is reporting.

The report also said the consolidation – expected to be completed by the end of the year – was the reason behind recent layoffs at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

Recode reported in December that a leadership change also pointed to the possibility of a consolidation, as Stephenie Landry, an Amazon vice president who started and heads up Prime Now was put in charge of Amazon Fresh and Amazon Restaurants.

MCM Musings: If the consolidation is in fact happening as it appears, it would remove redundancies and overlaps in both delivery services, and create operational efficiencies beyond the personnel trimming. The move is especially critical now as the battle for dominance in e-grocery fulfillment is getting more hotly contested by the day.

You can read the entire account here.

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