eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program Launches This Fall

This fall, sellers on eBay will be able to let shoppers know that items will be delivered within a guaranteed timeframe, similar to Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery guarantee.

Under eBay Guaranteed Delivery, qualified sellers can either use a handling time option (no more than one day of handling time, eBay covers shipping cost refund or free return label) or a door-to-door option (seller determines delivery time, no more than four days, and covers the return cost or return label). In both cases auction items are not eligible.

Like Prime, shoppers will also be able to filter search results on eBay based on guaranteed delivery dates. This is a big advantage for sellers: in a 2017 study by Narvar, 60% of shoppers said they were more likely to choose a retailer that can accurately predict delivery dates, and 72% said on-time delivery is the number-one reason they return to a retailer.

Sellers need to have at least four transactions a day to qualify for the program, which eBay will roll out in a phased approach. Those not immediately selected will go on a waiting list. eBay is reaching out to tens of thousands of sellers offering them the opportunity to opt into the program, which will become buyer-facing in September.

If a guaranteed item is delivered late, buyers can keep it and get a refund on the shipping cost or a $5 voucher if shipping was free, or opt for a free return label for a full refund of the item cost (covered by the seller) and shipping cost. The seller covers the return cost only if they missed the handling time cutoff. Customer service is managed by eBay.

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