Ecommerce Operations Software: After the Go Live

In ecommerce operations, software upgrades big and small come your way, with all the requisite justification to management, then planning and scoping, system integration and preparation of users and stakeholder teams. It’s kind of a big deal! Then the magical go live day comes. You turn the system on, everything works, and there are high fives all around.

But down the road, months or even a year or two later, issues inevitably crop up you hadn’t anticipated or planned for. What happens then? What does that look like? To explore this important topic a bit more in our MCM CommerceChat podcast, we caught up with Katie Langrock, Vice President of Operations at Vermont Teddy Bear. Katie, part of a panel on this topic at Ecommerce Operations Summit 2021 (Aug. 17-18, Gaylord Opreyland, Nashville), talks about her team’s experience with a two-year-old ERP project.