Narvar-Zendesk Partnership Tackles Ecommerce Delivery Issues

As the bar is continually raised on customer experience expectations for ecommerce orders, partnerships like the recent one between popular CRM platform Zendesk and post-purchase management software firm Narvar will become more common.

Within Zendesk’s AWS-based Sunshine platform, companies can manage data on order details, shipment status and returns with Narvar, and proactively address customer requests. Resolving “where is my order” (WISMO) queries is one of the most common issues the joint solution addresses.

Other new Zendesk Sunshine partners include Qualtrics, Atlassian Opsgenie, Vidyard, PagerDuty, Zaius, Moltin, Particular, CloudSet, Envoy and Adobe Magento.

Luke Behnke, vice president of product for Zendesk, said they’re hearing from ecommerce companies about the complexity of tracking and managing siloed customer data, with unique profiles in their marketing software, ecommerce site, mobile app and logistics and fulfillment systems, among others.

“Now imagine a delivery disappears from someone’s porch,” Behnke said. “All the systems need to work together seamlessly to take a disappointing experience and make the customer feel cared for. This only works if we can easily build a complete view of that customer. With these partnerships we are making it simple to connect data about the end-to-end order lifecycle through a set of pre-built integrations.”

Amit Sharma, founder and CEO of Narvar, said solving customers’ WISMO issues represents “a quick, easy win” for ecommerce companies.

“By arming support teams with current data about package status in the Zendesk dashboard, Narvar helps support reps provide a seamless customer interaction with quick, easy access to information,” Sharma said. “A smoother support process helps defuse customer issues early on to keep emotions from escalating and reflects more positively on the brand overall.”

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