The Pandemic, the E-Fulfillment Workforce and System Needs

One consequence of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is retail and ecommerce fulfillment operations need to do more with less to comply with strict safety restrictions. This is especially true as some states and cities reopen for business and then close again, while uncertainty reigns.

This special report explores different factors and drivers of omnichannel system decisions in light of the pandemic, with a particular focus on workforce limitations and the unpredictability of order demand as operational priorities are reset.

In this report:

  • Multichannel Merchant Special ReportHow legacy systems are inadequate to address today’s omnichannel challenges
  • How real-time data and feedback is required to create optimal order flow
  • How companies new to ecommerce need more efficient fulfillment processes
  • About increased ship from store demand and the need for inventory flexibility

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