This Week’s Expert Mailbag: How Are Workers Staying Safe in Warehouses?

Lots of us have questions these days. The biggest one being: When will we be able to return to “normal” – and what will that look like? Things seems to be easing up somewhat with a number of states slowly opening up for business again, so we should get at least a partial answer to that question shortly.

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Question: How are workers staying safe these days in warehouses?

Answer: Employers are taking steps to keep workers safe by implementing several safety checks throughout the day, which include checking temperatures of the workers, and assessing potential symptoms.

In addition, we are seeing workers assigned to cleaning high-traffic areas of warehouses several times a day and utilizing highly visible decals on areas such as light switches, door handles, etc. to constantly remind workers about safety. Some are also replacing doorknobs with hook-style handles that can be opened using forearms.

The trend towards goods-to-person automation is escalating as well, to limit the number of workers in a facility. These types of automated units reinforce distancing within most facilities.

  • Brian Barry, President, F. Curtis Barry & Co.