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FedEx Q3 Results Hit by Omicron, Volume Dropoff

| Mike O'Brien

FedEx delivered strong revenue and profit for the third quarter, but the latter was below analyst expectations, and volume was negatively impacted by the Omicron variant to the tune of $350 million between Express and Ground, a falloff the company said began rebounding in February.

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FedEx Contractors Blame Company for Peak Losses

| Mike O'Brien

A disgruntled group of FedEx Ground contractors are blaming the company for losses this past peak season due to investments in leased vehicles and temporary staff for a massive holiday deluge that never materialized, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. More than 800 of FedEx Ground’s 5,000+ contractor firms signed onto the letter.

Retailers Viewing Returns Through the Lens of Strategy

| Jasmine Brown

A year into the pandemic-influenced explosion in ecommerce, and after the recent peak holiday season, one thing is abundantly clear: Retailers can no longer afford to view returns as a cost of doing business, but instead need to see it as a key business strategy driving customer loyalty.

Powering Ecommerce Growth for Brands

| Jasmine Brown

Customers are demanding not only fast and free shipping but also delivery options at checkout, and successful ecommerce companies need to be proactive in anticipating their needs. Often, however, they lack the necessary scale and expertise in house. Learn how FedEx Fulfillment helped two hot ecommerce brands overcome the operational challenges of a rapidly growing business.

FedEx Beats Q4 Expectations, Driven by Massive Surge in Ecommerce

| Mike O'Brien

FedEx surprised to the upside in Q4, its laser focus on ecommerce capabilities in recent years paying off in terms of responsiveness to massive online buying, even as service stumbles were reported in a couple states. It seemed none the worse for having parted ways with Amazon in 2019 to seek more profitable customer relationships.

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A Breakdown of the 2020 Rate Increases from FedEx

| Matt Bohn

FedEx announced its annual general rate increase (GRI) for 2020. Effective Jan. 6, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery will increase an average of 4.9%, while FedEx Freight will increase rates by an average of 5.9%. How will this affect individual shippers? Here’s a breakdown of the areas likely to have the greatest impact.

FedEx Corp Announces 2017 Holiday Season Surcharges

| MCM staff

FedEx Corp. announced that the company will add residential holiday season surcharges for packages that require additional handling, are oversized or unauthorized. Here is what the company is saying and what the announcement will mean for both retailers and customers.