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The Dark Web, Account Takeovers and You

| Jasmine Brown

In this webinar, Sift’s VP of Trust and Safety, Kevin Lee will discuss how leading retail and ecommerce companies are adopting a digital trust and safety mindset backed by real-time machine learning to proactively prevent payment fraud, account takeover, content abuse and disputes from nefarious dark web activity.

The LiveTiles Global Employee Experience Pulse Check 2021

| Jasmine Brown

Get insightful, factual and sobering data from our global employee survey. In October 2021, we asked 7100 office and frontline workers about the current state of the global workplace. See how organizations connect the dots in recruiting and retaining talent with tools that reach across different generations and empower their work.

Solving for Oversized Fulfillment in Ecommerce

| Jasmine Brown

Oversized fulfillment for ecommerce remains a black hole for many. Pickup/delivery schedules, assembly and costs all friction factors. How do you find more efficiency by reducing costs and what are the customer expectations? Retail executives discuss the issue in our inaugural Think Tank Forum, “Solving for Oversized Fulfillment.”

Inventory Management Gets Trickier As Forces Collide

| Jasmine Brown

The long-term implications of supply chain kinks and backlogs is sobering, with many experts predicting it won’t even out until 2023 at the earliest — and even then, it will be a reset. This, of course, has a continuing and serious impact on how retailers handle all aspects of inventory management.