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Target Sees Sales Decline from Pride Boycott

| Mike O'Brien

Target reported weaker Q2 sales, acknowledging it was partly due to backlash over its annual pride month collection in May, first from shoppers who reacted negatively to items like children’s clothing in front-of-store displays, then from LGBTQ groups angered by the company’s response. However, Target’s earnings beat expectations, efficiency efforts including automation and lean inventory.

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Brand Loyalty and the Impact of Changing Consumer Behavior

| Michelle Wood

Brand loyalty plays a crucial role in retail success. But the consumer behavior dynamics are constantly evolving, and recent trends indicate a significant shift in how they approach purchasing decisions. With rising price consciousness, there are valid concerns about the potential erosion of brand loyalty as consumers prioritize cost savings over allegiance, for both everyday brands and luxury sellers.

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Online Prices Down 2.6% in June vs. 2022

| Mike O'Brien

Online prices fell 2.6% in June compared to a year ago, the largest drop since May 2020 and slightly more  than in May, according to the latest Adobe Digital Price Index, as overall inflation has moderated but the cost of consumer goods is still far above pre-pandemic levels. The largest year-over-year price drops were in consumer electronics (-12.9%), computers, (-16.9%) and appliances (-8.3%).

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Best Buy Sees Tech Demand Returning

| Mike O'Brien

Best Buy reported Q1 earnings that beat expectations while revenue fell a bit short, warning of continued weakness in spending on larger-ticket electronics but expecting demand to pick up this year as consumers who bought gadgets in droves at the start of the pandemic begin to upgrade.

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Retail Peak Outlook Appears Muted

| Mike O'Brien

All signs point to a muted retail peak outlook for 2023, with many shippers booking later sailings than in the past as they continue to burn through inventory, figure out demand signals and determine what new products to introduce for end-of-year holidays, Seko Logistics executives said on a media day call. The company’s CEO still sees “green shoots” of optimism with ordering picking up.

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3 Ways Retailers Can Prep for a Recession

| Amber Hovious

The ongoing economic uncertainty is creating several challenges for retailers, making consumers more frugal. To remain resilient through economic challenges and maximize sales, retailers must stay prepared to weather any anticipated slumps. This requires the ability to analyze trends and shoppers’ habits on a frequent basis, staying up to date while more accurately planning for the future.

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Amazon Expands, Promotes Discount Prime Program

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon is relaunching its discounted version of the vaunted Prime subscription, aimed at providing lower-income consumers perks normally reserved for the full offering but at a lower monthly price, during a period of economic hardship for many as inflation continues unabated.

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Customer Loyalty: Overcoming 4 Key Challenges

| Michelle Wood

As prices continue to rise, more consumers are looking for the value vs. sticking with a particular brand. Clearly, many brands are facing a difficult environment. But there are still solid opportunities to be creative and maximize marketing budgets, despite demanding conditions, that will encourage and keep consumers loyal to your brand.

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Strengthening Ecommerce Fraud Operations During Economic Uncertainty

| MCM staff

As with any period of economic uncertainty, fraudsters find opportunities to exploit security blind spots, often driving fraud rates up across industries. In this free Multichannel Merchant webinar, joined by Sift, learn how to build business resilience and repeatable fraud management strategies as the threat level rises in a challenging time.

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Walmart Sees Strong Q2 Results, With Inflation a Driver

| Mike O'Brien

Walmart reported 12% second-quarter ecommerce growth, up 18% vs. 2020, as it gained market share in grocery and passed 1 million deliveries for its GoLocal service that provides last-mile service for other retailers including Home Depot, with inflation helping attract more upscale shoppers. The result was better than at rival Target.