Holiday Ecommerce Sales Up Nearly 15% in 2017

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The 2017 holiday season saw $108.2 billion in online sales, according to research from Adobe Analytics, up 14.7% from 2016. This figure paced slightly ahead of 2016’s 14.4% growth.

Revenue between over Cyber Weekend (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) totaled $19.6 billion, a 15.2% increase year-over-year. Black Friday alone pulled in $5 billion while Cyber Monday hit $6.6 billion.

Mobile sales during the holiday season totaled $35.9 billion, according to Adobe, making up 35% of online revenue during the holiday season, with 28% year-over-year mobile revenue growth. Mobile drove 52% of visits and 36% of revenue during that period. Over $7 billion was spent on tablets or smartphones over Cyber Weekend.

Based on Adobe’s data, larger markets grew between 15% and 20% faster than smaller ones. Areas with fast-growing populations of young people and higher levels of international migration were associated with more ecommerce sales growth.

The average daily growth rate for medium-to-large retailers was 2.3 times that of smaller retailers, Adobe said. The order value volume for larger retailers was two times greater than that of smaller retailers during Cyber Weekend. However smaller retailers saw better conversion rates over the five-day period, particularly on mobile devices.

Cyber Monday saw the first-ever mobile shopping day with over $2 billion in sales, with mobile representing 30.4% of the day’s revenue. Thanksgiving had the highest mobile commerce share during the season, at 41% or $1.2 billion.

Search drove the most revenue during the holiday season at 44.8%, with natural search representing 21.3% and paid search at 23.5%.

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