MCM Outlook 2017: Ecommerce Growth in Double Digits

The U.S. Commerce Department reported in May that online retail sales reached $98.06 billion in the first three months of 2017. That’s a 14.8% increase compared with the same quarter a year ago.

That growth is consistent with what retailers have told Multichannel Merchant. According to its 2017 MCM Outlook survey, merchants saw their ecommerce sales grow an average of 12.23% in 2016. And in some cases, merchants saw their ecommerce sales rise well above that average. Twenty percent of respondents said their ecommerce sales grew 30% or more in 2016.

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  • Why 75% of respondents are selling on the Amazon marketplace
  • What Walmart is doing to counter Amazon’s threats to its retail dominance
  • Why retailers think virtual personal assistants may be the next digital selling channel
  • Which merchants are seeing stellar growth after mobile-first redesigns
  • And more….

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