Retailers Saw Strong Post-Holiday Season Ecommerce Traffic

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The post-holiday period proved successful in terms of ecommerce traffic, according to the 2018 Holiday Retail Index by Verizon, with average daily traffic to the top 25 U.S. retailers up 7.5% on Dec. 27 and up 7.7% on Dec. 28 compared to 2017.

There was however, a 20% decrease in ecommerce traffic on Dec. 30, according to Verizon, while Dec. 26 (0.2%) and Dec. 29 (3.4%) both saw gains.

“Ecommerce traffic to retail sites maintained a strong daily drumbeat throughout the week as shoppers have come to expect great deals after Christmas leading up the New Year,” said Michele Dupré, Group Vice President, Retail, Hospitality and Distribution for Verizon Enterprise Solutions in the study. “The Northeast saw warm weather which might have enticed more to trek out to physical stores.”

At the close of the holiday season, there was a decrease of 54.4% in average daily ecommerce traffic on Dec. 24 and an increase of 15.3% on Dec. 25, as shoppers wasted no time pursuing post-holiday deals.

“Just because Christmas has come and gone doesn’t mean the holiday season is over for retailers,” said Dupré. “Post-Christmas sales are rivaling the other pre-holiday events. Just like Black Friday, the more retailers can spread their news about big deals, the better they’ll capture eager shoppers.”

Cyber Weekend saw a 29.8% increase in ecommerce traffic on Nov. 24 and a 22.9% increase on Nov. 25, according to Verizon’s data. From Nov. 20 through Nov. 27, the average increase in ecommerce traffic was 25%.

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