Target Launches New AR Feature on Mobile

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Target is throwing its hat into the augmented reality ring with its launch of a “See It in Your Space” feature on its mobile website. Customers shopping the new Project 62 line can use the feature to place three-dimensional versions of Target home products within photos of actual rooms at home.

The furniture can be moved around the augmented space at proper scale before purchase.  Once an item is found at on their phone, like a floor lamp or bedside table, they can tap “See It in Your Space” and follow the steps.

The customer only needs an image of the space they want to decorate which they can shoot in real-time or pull from an existing photo.  Having this feature available to customers eliminates the hassle of purchasing furniture that doesn’t work in the room after they’ve ordered it.

“Adoption of AR for the furniture category makes a lot of sense,” said Michael Levine, Vice President of Marketing at Photon. “In fact, AR is now table stakes for this category as people want to ‘try before they buy’ and see what the furniture will look like in their own spaces without having to purchase and assemble it.”

Levine said the fact that Target initially launched this capability on the mobile web instead of its app speaks to how smart retailers have become when trying to quickly gain adoption of a new technology that is core to a category. “We know the battle for app real estate on a consumer’s phone is not an easy fight to win,” he said.

“In today’s digital economy, consumers are always looking for new, innovative ways to search for and find products,” said Pieter Aarts, CEO and Co-founder of roOomy. “The home furnishings industry is no different, as homeowners are turning to augmented and virtual reality to assist with their shopping journeys and better inform purchase decisions.”

Aarts said Target’s new AR website feature is an example of a major retailer implementing “try-before-you-buy” capabilities to meet consumer demand and heighten the overall customer experience.

“The option, which allows users to visually project 3D images of Target home furnishings into their spaces, is a clear indication that AR-based technology is here to stay,” said Aarts.

This is Target’s latest experiment with augmented reality. Last spring, debuted 360-degree shopping, virtual living rooms designed to help customers visualize the scale of products and provide style guidance.

The new feature is available for 200 Project 62 home products from Target, with plans to roll out to more products by the end of the year.

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