Walmart Increases Prices for Some Online Products

Content Manager

Walmart started charging higher prices online than in store for some items, in an effort to offset shipping costs and drive more shoppers to its brick-and-mortar locations.

Business Insider reported that some products on will be listed with both “online” and “in-store” prices. The big-box retailer is experimenting with new systems that raise prices on items that would otherwise be unprofitable to ship.

Another way Walmart is aiming to increase the profitability of its online operations is by asking merchants on its marketplace to sell more of their products in bulk.

MCM Musings: Raising prices for online products is an interesting move in a climate where retailers tout a “seamless experience” across the board. When most of the focus in retail is on breaking down channel silos, Walmart appears to be erecting one, even if the idea is to offset shipping costs. It will be interesting to see how shoppers react to this move, and how many of them opt for savings by choosing the somewhat less convenient in-store pickup.