Walmart Launches New Order and Pay Online In-Store App

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Walmart launched a new in-store app for its associates that allows customers to place online orders and pay for them in the store, either by cash, check option, credit card or Walmart Pay.

If a customer is looking for a particular item but it’s out of stock, an associate can help by selecting the item on their in-store device.

Customers can have the item delivered to the store or shipped to their home with a receipt or email that can then be used to pay at any register in the store.

Business Insider reported that Walmart recently made it possible for associates to check shoppers out from anywhere in the store. This new app enables Walmart associates to help with issues beyond just directing customers to products.

MCM Musings: This is just more evidence of retailers addressing the need to more seamlessly connect their online and offline worlds to make shopping more convenient and frictionless for customers. It also helps customers who are wary of ordering online more comfortable with the option, especially since they are able to pay however way they want.

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