GNC Leverages Subscription Program to Build Better Customer Relationships

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GNC is using its Auto-Deliver subscription service to reach customers through various channels.

“Relationship commerce allows GNC to cultivate a long-term relationship with customers and create an affinity with our brand,” said Tricia Tolivar, executive vice president and CFO of GNC.  “It provides us an opportunity to build a level of trust between the customer and GNC by consistently providing a positive experience.”

GNC worked with relationship commerce platform Ordergroove to launch its subscription program.

“It’s all about consumer expectations today and a more frictionless experience,” said Greg Alvo, CEO and founder of Ordergroove. “The more you remove the friction and make consumers’ lives easier, the more they’re ready to reward you with their loyalty.”

Tolivar said relationship commerce done well allows GNC to become a part of customer’s lives. It drives stronger loyalty, higher lifetime value and lower customer churn for the brand.  For the consumer, relationship commerce anticipates their wants and needs.

“[Relationship commerce] has provided us opportunities for increased communication across touchpoints with a significant number of our customers,” said Tolivar.  “We’re able to better serve their needs by leveraging data on their behavior.”

In this latest edition of the MCM CommerceChat podcast, Tolivar and Alvo expand on the concept of relationship commerce and how GNC’s subscription model is helping it deepen engagement and loyalty.

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