OVitaminPro Personalizes the Customer Experience

Content Manager

For online vitamin and supplement company OVitaminPro, it’s more than selling products people need, it’s about being experts in the field and providing a personalized experience for customers.

“We have people that can answer questions, a doctor on staff, a nutritional consultant, people can call and ask about a supplement, it’s more personal, it’s not vague,” said Mary Schlenger, owner of OVitaminPro.com.

Schlenger said that people that purchase supplements are pretty savvy already, they know pretty much about what they’re looking for. The company offers information on its site through blogs and videos.

“You have to be an expert in your field, if you are not the expert, they will go somewhere else,” said Schlenger.

In the latest MCM CommerceChat podcast,  Schlenger talks with Dan Breeden, head of content and communication for Yahoo Small Business about how to personalize the customer experience.

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