A Snapshot of How Merchants Are Doing in Post-Purchase

Today’s mid-market online seller is struggling. Shipping costs are on the rise, profit margins are shrinking and competition is growing quickly. In an Amazon Prime world, free two-day shipping is now the expectation, and no longer a way to differentiate and delight customers. Today, shipping programs can literally make or break profitability. How do you not only compete but win in the post-purchase experience?

In this latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Manish Chowdhary, CEO of Pulse Commerce, discusses the company’s recent study which looked at the performance and behavior of leading mid-market merchants. It tracked live orders and analyzed more than 50,000 data points throughout the purchase path. We discussed what these results mean and what merchants can do to close the post-purchase performance gap and win customer loyalty amidst fierce competition and heightened expectations.

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