6 Great Benefits of Attending Ecommerce Operations Summit 2019

Ecommerce worldwide has turned in-store retailing upside down. Now more than ever, you need to adopt every best practice you can to reduce costs and provide higher levels of customer service. There is only one conference focused exclusively on optimizing direct-to-customer and omnichannel operations and fulfillment: Ecommerce Operations Summit, April 9-11, 2019 in Columbus, OH.

Without a doubt, the content at Ecommerce Operations Summit is on target and will help you grow and manage your business. However, we want to point out the tremendous benefits we and our clients have gained from attending the show in the past.

Leading merchant companies often send a team of people to scour every aspect of the conference, take notes and report back to management what was presented and how it could benefit their business. We’ve taken the same approach. This is a unique conference that can add value to any ecommerce and omnichannel company.

Here are 6 specific benefits to Ecommerce Operations Summit that go way beyond the content of presentations:

Orient Key Employees and New Managers

For years there has been a shortage of experienced operations managers and key personnel to manage fulfillment in ecommerce businesses. F. Curtis Barry & Company and our clients use Ecommerce Operations Summit each year as a way to bring new key personnel up to speed on ecommerce and omnichannel operations, including processes, systems and technology. There is no better way than this conference; no symposiums or schools can cover all that in three days.

Tours of Nearby Facilities

The ability to tour nearby fulfillment center operations of leading companies is a strong feature of Ecommerce Operations Summit (editor’s note: new facility tours will be announced soon for  Ascena Retail Group and the North American International Freight Center at Rickenbacker International Airport).

In the past we’ve found tours of host companies to be very open in terms of sharing their processes, systems, operational standards and metrics. While your business may not be as large, our mid-market clients are always able to glean two or three gold nuggets that make the tours well worth the time. Tours have a limited capacity so act quickly to register.

Draw on Industry Vendor Knowledge

Many of the leading vendors of order management, enterprise systems, warehouse management, shipping systems, small package carriers, third-party fulfillment, material handling equipment and consultant organizations are on display at the expo hall at Ecommerce Operations Summit. There is no better way to stay up to date on innovations, new product releases and technology and their benefits.

We have always found vendors to be a major knowledge resource. Away from the purpose of selling their product, we have found them to be helpful in terms of getting an early orientation about how systems, material handling and technology are employed in the ecommerce industry.

Ability to Ask Questions of Experts

Some conferences have too many attendees for you to ask questions of the presenters and the audience. We have always found attendees and speakers at Ecommerce Operations Summit to be accessible and available to help you understand the finer points of their presentation and clarify something you’re thinking about doing in your business.

Develop New Industry Contacts

For 34 years we have found conferences to be a constant source of meeting new industry contacts and renewing relationships with prospects and clients. Whether you’re an ecommerce merchant or a vendor, Ecommerce Operations Summit can work for you, too. For key personnel new to your business, the conference gives them the opportunity to meet people that have industry knowledge – a potential resource for future phones calls or even reciprocal visits.

Another way to meet people are the breakfast roundtables which gives you small-group interaction on key industry topics. We have made long-term friends and clients as a result.

Come Meet F. Curtis Barry & Company

This year at Ecommerce Operations Summit we’re leading a panel discussion Wednesday, April 10: Fulfillment Network Expansion: The Pros and Cons. Competing in ecommerce and DTC means shortening time to customer while reducing shipping costs. One way to get there is by expanding your network of fulfillment nodes.

However, this comes at a cost not only in terms of capital but also labor and inventory, and there are other many factors to consider. Our expert panel will cover all the ins and outs of network expansion planning, including consideration of both in house and third-party options. This is a must if you’re evaluating expansion of your DC network.

Please also feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 804-740-8732 x3 to make an appointment or renew old acquaintances.

Now is the time to act – you only have until Jan. 18 to get the lowest ticket prices for the show. Discounts are available to companies sending 4 or more people.

Challenge yourself and your employees to create a plan that will maximize the benefits to your company. Take the time now to preview the conference and be sure to add it to your 2019 event calendar; you’ll be glad you did.

Brian Barry is president of F. Curtis Barry & Company

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