Abercrombie & Fitch on Omnichannel Order Sourcing Best Practices

In an omnichannel world where fulfillment has become an increasingly complex proposition, order sourcing is a critical success factor for any merchant organization.

How often and in what circumstances do you pull from store vs. ecommerce inventory for online orders? What logic drives the decision process, and what data tools come into play? How about split shipments vs. ship complete orders?

To learn more about this important topic, we spoke with Alex Volakis, senior omnichannel strategy analyst, Abercrombie & Fitch in our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast. Alex provides key insights into the tools, processes and practices that help Abercrombie optimize its sourcing strategy.

Alex will be part of a panel discussion on this topic at Ecommerce Operations Summit, April 3-5, Columbus, entitled “Where Do I Ship From? Optimizing Order Sourcing Across Channels.” At the summit you’ll hear great speakers on topics covering all aspects of the dynamic world of direct-to-customer and ecommerce operations and fulfillment.

You’ll also have lots of opportunities to network with a great group of industry pros and see some of the latest solutions and technologies on display. Hope to see you there!

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