Breaking Down Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Blockchain is a technology that’s been getting a lot of attention lately as a tool to bring greater efficiency, visibility and data integrity to the supply chain. But the particulars might be a bit hazy to the layperson, with most thinking of its application in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

What are the applications and potential benefits of blockchain for retail and ecommerce companies? Melanie Nuce, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for GS1, spoke recently with Multichannel Merchant to explain a bit more about the backstory of blockchain and break down the concept of shared ledgers and how they increase supply chain visibility. Melanie also explains how blockchain enables greater data security across trading partners, helping to thwart the sale of counterfeit goods and ensure the provenance of items in transit from source to final destination.

Melanie will be discussing this emerging technology in greater depth at Ecommerce Operations Summit, April 3-5 in Columbus, OH. She’ll be joined in the session by Akshay Madane, Senior Manager with Kurt Salmon and Brad Pawlowski, Managing Director of the Supply Chain Practice at Accenture.


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