Top 3PLs Directory Expands in 2023

MCM Top 3PLs 2023 logo feature

Multichannel Merchant has published its eighth annual MCM Top 3PLs directory for 2023, a searchable directory of leading third-party logistics (3PL) providers in retail, ecommerce and direct-to-customer operations.

3PL providers have reported increased interest and adoption from retailers of all kinds, many of whom are quickly realizing that their internal resources are not up to the task of handling order fulfillment and logistics at scale. Many 3PLs have also been heavily investing in automation and robotic systems to speed up throughput and make it more efficient as available labor is scarce.

And even if a company has the right resources at hand, the market for available commercial/industrial space remains extremely tight, even as there has been some pullback, with overbuilt Amazon (imagine that!) significantly scaling back plans for new facilities.

The MCM Top 3PLs directory features company profiles on 70 providers, an increase from the 2022 edition. Each includes information on key capabilities and service offerings, top merchandise categories handled, the mix of B2B and B2C business, the size and geographic reach of its distribution/fulfillment network, and more.

The searchable nature of the directory allows you to sort results by merchandise category, total number of clients, B2B vs. B2C business and average annual order volume per client. This format provides you with a helpful resource throughout the year if you’re in the market for a 3PL partner.

Selecting the right 3PL for your business can lead to lower cost per order, better focus of management time, smoother scaling during peak holiday season, lowered capital investment in facilities and systems, reduction of time-to-customer, reduced shipping costs and easier distribution of international orders.

We hope you find this resource beneficial as you explore outsourcing options to make the best use of your operations and fulfillment budget and work to deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience.