Walmart, Deliv Part Ways, Retailer Signs Four New Partnerships

Walmart and Deliv have decided to part ways, and the major retailer is still working with seven other delivery services to get grocery orders to customers, Reuters is reporting.

Walmart told Reuters it has signed on four new delivery partners since January, including Doordash and Postmates. The report also said Deliv’s crowdsourced drivers were often waiting up to 40 minutes for Walmart orders to be fulfilled for delivery, as the retailer prioritized store customers over drivers.

Reuters was told by someone with knowledge of the matter that store operations at Walmart “were a huge problem” and that the company could not “process online grocery orders fast enough.”

Walmart has had its issues with grocery delivery, trying and then moving on from Uber and Lyft. Last July it canceled a service that had its own associates driving orders to customers on their way home, after just six months. In September it launched its Spark Delivery program, powered by logistics software from partner Bringg to schedule and manager crowdsourced drivers.

In unrelated news Walmart recently canceled a partnership with 3PL Schneider Logistics for fulfillment and transportation services at facilities in Ohio, Illinois and California, taking the operations in house.

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