Closing the Amazon Sophistication Gap

| Victor Rosenman

As waves of legacy retailers close their doors or go bankrupt, countless others are scrambling to build a digital presence with the potential to compete against Amazon. Here is how retailers have a tremendous opportunity to close the Amazon sophistication gap.

5 Considerations for Evaluating Your Ecommerce Cyber Crime Risk

| Brian Barry

The risk of cyber crime is difficult to understand and deal with because of advanced technology and the changing risk landscape. IT professionals need management support and budget to address the risk, and management needs to understand it better. Here are 5 considerations in crafting a strong cyber strategy.

3 Key Online Strategies for Cyber Week II

| David Feinleib

Brands work all summer and fall to prepare for the holiday season, but their work isn’t done when Christmas is over. There is a second major wave of holiday shopping to prepare for: Cyber Week II. Here are three online strategies to achieve success during Cyber Week II.

Landing Page 101: How To Ensure Yours Converts

| Craig Evans

Your landing page is your chance to make a great first impression. Whether you’re unveiling a new product, promoting a sale or starting a new marketing drive, the landing page will be at the center of your campaign. Here are several tips that will ensure your customers convert.

3 Common Misconceptions About GDPR and Data Processing

| Eric Holtzclaw

There is a misconception that the GDPR does not apply to businesses who do not offer goods or services to EU consumers, or process personal EU data. However in all these scenarios, the GDPR rules and regulations still apply. Here are three misconceptions about GDPR and retail businesses.

How to Reduce Ecommerce Fulfillment Center Injuries

| Brian Barry

With constant incoming product, replenishment, picking and shipping, the typical ecommerce fulfillment center is a beehive of activity. Add seasonal employees and the injury potential goes up dramatically. Here are some of the more common causes of injuries, some information from OSHA and insights and recommendations.

What You Need to Know When Changing 3PL Providers

| Jeff Jones

The decision to change your third-party logistics provider should not be taken lightly, but sometimes it can be the most effective way to move your business forward. Thinking about making a change? The following guidelines may be helpful in considering why, when and how to switch your 3PL provider.