5 Ways Small- and Mid-sized Merchants Can Compete with Large Merchants

| Fred Lizza

Jacque Pelletier, founder of Fashion Connection, says that the ability to manage his inventory across multiple platforms has helped the business flourish and differentiate itself from local brick-and-mortar competitors. Additionally, the Fashion Connection, is looking ahead and readying themselves to take on bigger challenges such as mobile commerce.

A Critical Look at Ecommerce Ratings and Reviews

| Ken Burke

One of the best ways to improve your own ratings and reviews is to evaluate and emulate what the leaders are doing. This article examines several of the best techniques being used today and describes how you can benefit by implementing similar methods.

NRF: Retail Sales Will Rise 3.4% in 2012

| MCM staff

Retail industry sales will rise 3.4% to $2.53 trillion in 2012, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s slightly lower than the pace of 2011, in which sales grew 4.7%.

Value in an Inventory of One

| Brian Quinton

As it has done in most areas of our lives, the Web is having an impact on the way we look for everything from rental apartments and used couches to snowshoes and those weird hairless cats.