SEM Top 10: Bid for Profit, Not Position

| MCM staff

Faced with the bid spasms of some of their competitors, marketers may be tempted to measure their success by the most readily visible metric: position on the page. But bidding to position is dangerous

SEM Top 10: Test, Test, Test

| MCM staff

Savvy direct marketers understand that ongoing testing is the key to improving results. Done right, paid search advertising lends itself well to this rigor:

SEM Top 10: Target Your Ad Copy

| MCM staff

Targeting your ad copy is a powerful lever: It can raise your ad efficiency by increasing your qualified clicks, so you grow sales in a way that

Spam-free search

| Stephan Spencer

It seems that whenever one logs on, the bombardment begins unsavory content, dubious offers, unscrupulous operators, and in-your-face interruption marketing.

The Ruby Slippers of Search

| Brian Klais

If consumers find e-commerce appealing because it helps them find and buy products easier and in less time, then your Website is no longer the shortest

Winning the Search Bidding Wars

| MCM staff

A BATTLE IS RAGING AMONG ONLINE MARKETERS. That battle is for the customer, and the battlefields are the paid-placement search engines. Yes, e-mail can