Relaxing of Amazon FBA Storage Rules, Explained

Last fall, Amazon imposed a limit of 200 units on new 3P sellers using its FBA service, in response to the pandemic’s effect on its sales volume and capacity. Amazon wanted to get ahead of storage issues before the holiday rush, and many sellers were forced to seek a 3PL partner instead. Recently, Amazon revoked the 200-unit limit and changed the way it assesses sellers’ overall storage limits. New sellers can start with anywhere from 500-1,000 units depending on their storage type. Also, all sellers, new and old, are subject to new restock limits at the account level.  Amazon no longer limits storage by product-specific ASIN numbers, but rather looks at your entire portfolio of products.

In our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, we talking with Eytan Wiener, CEO of Getida, a co-founder of the Prosper show and a former Amazon power seller, to better understand these changes from Amazon and how they are impacting FBA sellers.