How Rod’s Western Palace Gets Its Marketing Strategy Ready for the Holidays

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MCM CommerceChat podcast

Getting your marketing strategy ready for the holiday season is important especially if you want to remain competitive in pricing and offers.  As we’ve seen in recent years, customer expectations are getting higher and higher as they are given more opportunities to shop in various channels.

As the retail industry edges closer to the biggest shopping week of the year ( Black Friday, Cyber Monday) also known as “Cyber Week”  making some last minute tweaks to your marketing strategy will make all the difference throughout the busiest time of the year.  This isn’t a time to miss out on the opportunities you have at your finger tips that will definitely keep you top of mind with your customers. Shoppers are looking for the best deals and are ready and willing to shop.

In our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Phil Minix, Executive Vice President of Rod’s Western Palace.  He will discuss how his brand has prepared its marketing strategy for the holiday season, along with some last minute tips and tricks and what it’s doing to stay ahead for 2019. Phil also discussed this topic in further detail at Ecommerce Operations Summit, which took place April 9-11th in Columbus, OH.



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