How Technology is Driving Personalization Success for Fabletics

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Knowing all there is to know about a customer is the focus for athletic-apparel retail brand, Fabletics.  Technology has made that possible for the brand both online and in-store.

Dustin Netral, Senior Vice President for Fabletics said, with its flexible member model, each member is able to take a quiz and within that, Fabletics can get a feel for different silhouettes, colors and sizes.

“We use that information to project inventory,” said Netral.  “We are able to see past purchase behaviors and attribute a transaction.”

He added that the company is able to predict how its customer will respond to various fashion trends, which makes Fabletics’ inventory buying more efficient.

“Because of our model and technology, we are able to market to her, we are gaining incredible loyalty.Having all that data at our fingertips, we are able to effectively market to things she will really be interested in,” said Netral.

Fabletics has also developed a proprietary technology called “Omnicart,” where Fabletics can tie online and offline experiences together.

Netral said if a customer is shopping in the store and has not decided on the item, Fabletics will put the item in your online cart should you decide to purchase it later.

Netral said the problem with online is that you don’t get to try the item on, and at Fabletics they want to make sure the item they send to customers will fit, using in-store data and customer feedback gathered from online purchases as well.

Fabletics will also make online purchases simpler. For example, if the customer didn’t make a transaction, the brand will alert the associate in-store of the product and provide that the item is in-stock in the store, the associate will ask whether she wants to try it on.

Daniela Forte is Multichannel Merchant’s Content Manager

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