How Soapbox Pulled Off a COVID-19 Sanitizer Supply Chain Miracle

In the midst of COVID-19, hand sanitizer continues to be in high demand, while retail shelves are often empty. Plenty of companies have started sanitizer production, but it’s often been hard to find. Soapbox Soaps answered the call from its retail customers and fulfilled orders in less than two weeks to stock their shelves.

The two major sanitizer manufacturers – Gojo, makers of Purell, and Vyjon, makers of private label and germX – were only providing product for hospitals and government contracts and Walmart, respectively. To meet demand, Soapbox reached deep into its supply chain to purchase 23 semi tankers of ethyl alcohol to get sanitizer stock out to its 13,000+ retailers, including Wegmans, Walgreens and Rite Aid. More than three million bottles of sanitizer were produced in less than two weeks, after securing an FDA-approved formula in just 24 hours, a process that normally takes nine months.

David Simnick, CEO, and Daniel Doll, president and COO of Soapbox Soaps, talk about how their team was able to pull off this massive undertaking.


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