Women Make Strides in Omnichannel Operations

Content Manager

For years, ecommerce operations has been perceived as a male-dominated world. However, it’s become evident today that women are making noticeable strides and taking on more leadership roles.

Women are fighting off stereotypes and an unconscious bias that exists in the industry.  It is important today for both men and women to be part of a more inclusive and diverse group of industry leaders.

In the latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Angie Stocklin, Co-Founder of One Click talks about how the company made a conscious effort to ensure growth and opportunity to both genders in a safe working environment.  Stocklin also offers some tips on how other omnichannel retail brands can do the same.

Angie was honored during the Recognizing and Celebrating Women in Omnichannel session within the Women in Operations program at Ecommerce Operations Summit 2019, April 9 -11 in Columbus, Ohio.

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