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Livestreaming Shopping: The New Virtual Mall?

| Mike O'Brien

The last 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions have made it hard for consumers to shop at stores, eliminating the pleasure of leisurely, impulse buying, seeing a product or speaking with an associate. The answer to this problem may be livestreaming shopping. Is it the mall of the future? We talk to Jared Blank of VTEX to learn more.

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Surviving the Retail Recovery: Tips as the World Reopens

| Zee Aganovic

People are returning to work and routines, but what does this mean for the countless merchants that embraced ecommerce to stay afloat? What if you transitioned to DTC and grew because of it? How can you survive the retail recovery? Learn how you can experience the best of both store experiences and ecommerce in the new normal.

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Ecommerce Reaches 19% Global Penetration in 2020

| Mike O'Brien

Ecommerce penetration worldwide increased from 16% in 2019 to 19% in 2020, driven by the pandemic-fueled shift toward online purchases, according to a UN agency report. Global ecommerce sales, including both B2C and B2B, were up 4% to $26.7 trillion, representing 30% of global GDP.

Headless Commerce and the Omnichannel Experience

| Michael Jaszczyk

The growth of omnichannel capabilities has given way to shopper journeys beginning and ending across multiple touchpoints. For this reason, many retailers are turning to headless commerce, which separates the front end and back end of an ecommerce application, providing more control over each touchpoint and engagement.

6 Ways to Reduce Expensive Ecommerce Picking Errors

| Brian Barry

Picking errors have a very high cost to your ecommerce business in both actual costs and in lower customer satisfaction, lifetime value (CLV) and retention. These problems will erode your business’ profitability and damage the customer experience. We’ll help you identify the costs and share 6 ways to minimize picking errors.

Holiday Season Ecommerce Sales Hit $31.9B to Date, Up 16.7%

| Mike O'Brien

Even before Thanksgiving, ecommerce sales are already off to the races this holiday season. From Nov. 1 to Nov. 20, U.S. consumers spent $31.9 billion online, according to Adobe Analytics, up 16.7% from 2017. More than $1 billion in sales were generated all of those 20 days, Adobe said, a new record, surpassing $2 billion on Nov. 20.

Magento 2 Migration: Benefits, Risks and What you Need to Know

| Jacob North

Magento announced it will end support for all 1.x versions this November. This leaves hundreds of thousands of businesses vulnerable to security risks if they opt not to migrate to Magento 2. Here’s everything you need to know when considering a Magento migration, including benefits and risks, challenges and steps involved.

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Amazon Charging Excess Inventory Fees to Address Storage Issues

| Mike O'Brien

In an effort to address overcapacity issues in its dozens of fulfillment centers, Amazon has instituted new charges that will penalize third-party sellers – who make up more than half of its sales – for having slow-moving inventory. See what these changes mean and what else Amazon is doing to deal with inventory overflow.